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12 Wastafel Yang Stylish

Towel Rail Sink
Stylish bathroom sink comes with integrated hanger for your towel.

Steel Sink
Cool sink decorated with lines that resemble the way water drains.

Vessel Sink
Swan sinks will make a beautiful addition to any luxury bathroom.

Patagonia Sink
Concrete sink mold designed to resemble a fallen tree branch.

Glass Sink
Contemporary bowl shaped bathroom sink made from glass.

Stone Sink
Unique bathroom sink carved from one-of-a-kind river stone.

Futuristic Sink
Stylish sink designed by HANSA comes with its own futuristic faucet.

Moon Slice Sink
Creative kitchen sink by Granite Naples resembles new moon.

Mr.Splash Sink
Futuristic pedestal shaped sink designed by Jorge Bibiloni.

Water Slide Sink
Turn on the faucet and watch the water flow down its unique shape.

Stroehmann Sink
Beautiful sink looks like a round plate with intricate cut-outs.

Sonolo Sink
Stylish bathroom sinks designed by Italian company Tendadorica.

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